Intelimina's Code of Discipline is contained in Section 5 of its Corporate Policies. It is a single paragraph of three DO's –

Do things guided by your better judgment and proper sensibility. Do them with the kindest of intention and the bravest of morale. Do them well.

As a new year starts, Team Intelimina revisits Section 5 to be reminded that there is inherent goodness in everyone, and that what's innately good in us should guide, mold, and equip us all throughout the year.

Hello and welcome, 2018! Let's do good, let's do well.

At Intelimina we build good relationships while creating solutions that work for communities with a balanced lifestyle

We build solutions that work side by side with the public and private sectors' goal of providing the best possible services that leverage a faster and more reliable management of data and records through ICT.

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Our Products

A sensibly simple A+ enrollment system

Your medical records on the go.

“We build and create systems as a way of life.”
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We’re proficient in various open source technologies like Linux, Apache, Lighttpd, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, Ruby on Rails, React, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

We are also composed of seasoned and dedicated IT Visionaries who are proud Leaders, Experts, Developers, Analysts, and Project Managers.

Six pillars to a committed service delivery

Intelimina Systems, Inc. is a technology partner to effective and efficient services for operational productivity, health and governance.

“Healthy IT, Wealthy Community”

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Unit 305 Prince David Condominium Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights Quezon City 1108


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