Glad for a Load Of Greater Opportunities

Year 2017 is about to conclude and we are overjoyed by the upswing in collaborative activities in projects managed, both internal and external, just for this year alone. The most recent, the successful launch of Grado and Grado Network this October at Seda Vertis North Hotel.

Grado is a quick to access, easy to engage and simple to use intuitively efficient yet comprehensive online school registration, enrollment and grading system. Grado Network, on the other hand, is a free online collaborative facility allowing mentors and learners to create, upload, update, or simply share learnings and learning resources.

Grado and Grado Network are not just projects for us, but fulfillments. They are fruits of our own development team’s very own wishlist of what our schools could have implemented during our school days. These two applications have evolved to become the embodiments of our own resolve for favorably practical and thoroughly advantageous solutions.

The first quarter of 2017 also marked the culmination of the latest collaborative project with DOST and DICT (formerly ICTO) — the Gluu Single Sign On. With the completion of the users training for system, web, and network administrators from various agencies of the government in February 2017, Gluu SSO has entered its warranty and handholding period. We are ecstatic and proud to have collaborated with DOST-DICT in providing a key element toward a secured e-government.

We also are grateful for the continued trust of our valued and dear clients. Moreso, we are more than pleased with the technical leverage provided by Gluu and our hardware providers. Lastly, we are deeply thankful for having work colleagues and collaborators who transform into badminton playmates, tour buddies, gastrofriends, and coffee & tea pals. We may be hanging loose but it is one prime ingredient why we carry on, solid and stable.

Solid and stable. Our new logo depicts those very words. The angular shapes illustrated as a clear definable set represent our team, our applications, our solutions — solid and stable; while the whitespace and imaginary boundary provide room for flexibility which also mark our vision, goals, and strategies. If we say that we didn’t change a bit, that would be a total lie. We want to change, of course, cliché as it sounds, for the better. And we hoped that we evolved into what our workmates, clients, and partners expect us to be, yet more.

This year is truly a blessing. And may you all be blessed just as well.